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Our Job Applications automatically schedule Phone Interviews in your Calendar! will modernize your hiring process with Job Openings!
We give you a Job Opening and you link to it in your listing on Craigslist, Indeed, etc. Then sit back and watch the designated times in your calendar fill up with phone interviews.
You can leave the application form as it is, or make it your own
Each section is optional and can be disabled in one click. In fact, every label in the job application can be changed, which is great if you need the application in another language. Full Edit Mode makes it easy to add, remove, and change fields.
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Stop chasing candidates for preliminary interviews!
You shouldn't be wasting your time reaching out to candidates to arrange interviews. Not only is it tedious to copy and paste messages to every decent candidate, but qualified candidates are slipping through the cracks. We remove all that hassle with a process that directs your candidates to one place, extracts all the info you need from them, and books an interview with them in your Calendar.
Linked Accounts make it easy to collaborate with your whole team
You can create Linked Accounts by sharing a special invite link with your co-workers. After they join, they can help you manage your Job Openings. You can also set up your Job Openings to start checking your co-workers' calendars for availability instead of just your own.
Need candidates to sign something? No problem.
Agreements between employers and job candidates are common, as they help establish a foundation of trust between both parties from the very beginning. It's easy to style these agreements and include them as part of your Job Opening.
Configure every aspect of your Job Opening's Booking Section
As important as it is to fill vacant positions, most teams have limited availability for interviews. We give you multiple ways to specify exactly when you want to conduct interviews. In addition, we'll check each enabled calendar of your Linked Accounts for scheduling conflicts.
Showing your availability without revealing too much
Privacy should always be a top concern. By design, makes it easy to conceal your company name and other identifying info throughout the entire process. Our Scheduler is designed to show your availability without revealing anything that isn't absolutely necessary.
Fair Pricing For All
Our pricing model is based on the number of active Job Openings you have in a given month.
per month
for 2 Job Openings
per month
for each additional Job Opening
  • - Unlimited Linked Accounts
  • - Unlimited Candidate Responses
  • - Unlimited Bulk Printouts
  • - Unlimited Interview Bookings
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